womens handbag

Since ancient times, women from all over the world have used hand bags of varying forms to carry about their personal effects. From function to fashion there is a rich history of uses for handbags, richer still are the fabrics and materials used to make them and the types of people who both used and adored them. Let us look at the evolution of handbags that brings us up to modern times where the widest range in size, colour and price are where it is now possible to buy handbags online with a click of a button.

The earliest forms of handbags to carry various items around in can be seen in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. It is mostly men who carried small bags around in their hands, often made from various fabrics and materials such as wicker, beads and animal skins. The purses and handbags were often tied around the waists of important individuals and carried items such as scribing tools, forms of money as well as important personal artefacts.

It is thought that the idea of handbags were introduced early in the 14th century when purses and small bags were attached with a rope or length of string to girdles to allow the carrying of small items about your person. This was indeed revolutionary as packets in clothes and garments were not to be invented for a few hundred years later.

Around this time, women started to wear more ornate forms of girdle purses and bags, and having fashionable handbags become a statement. Not only did women have access to forms of makeup and styling equipment, but keeping money and jewellery in a safe and secure location on their person was also to become a popular trend. The more colourful and decorative the purse or handbag was, the higher up the social ladder you seemed to be, so young, rich and fashionable ladies opted for the luxurious bags to flaunt their wealth.

Later on, handbags and purses were often linked to marriage in the form of a popular wedding gift for the bride. Many handbags were adoringly embroidered with messages and love poems for the wearer to bear. Later on still with the revolution in more decorate high fashion items such as long flowing dresses and with frilly undergarments, purses and handbags tended to be hidden from view, with only poorer classes enjoying large canvass bags to transport their affairs.

Later in the 18th century it was common for women to call early purses and handbags “indispensables” due to their apparent need to carry personal effects with them at all times. During the Victorian era, the growth of the industrialised world meant that luxury fabrics, mass production and the growing importance of style and fashion meant that many modern looking handbags and clutch bags were created for every need and purpose imaginable.

With the popularity of train travel, the growing need to find small hand luggage necessitated the invention of modern handbags. Combined with trends in fashion, women found many different stylish designs to choose from.

One of Australia’s first department stores, David Jones & Co opened in 1887 to much acclaim and features many different departments intended to show off the latest and greatest fashion accessories. Much like the availability today of buying handbags online Australia lapped up this European concept and allowed for boutique women’s departments to stock high fashion items, including the latest handbag designs.

The popularity of handbags grew steadily until the huge boom in the Cultural Revolution period after World War II. Huge shifts in fashion swept the modern world with handbags and purses for women that were designed purely for their aesthetic pleasure. High fashion took over as one of the biggest industries in design across the globe, and made way for a huge selection of customisable, high-label handbag designs in Australia today.